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Get a 7+ Band Score: Be Determined

Welcome to Activate Your IELTS: Be Determined.  This podcast is focused on helping get a 7+ band score on your IELTS writing and speaking skills so that you can get working on your real dreams.

Mar 26, 2019

In this episode, I begin to look at how your first language affects your writing. I discuss why this happens and some techniques you can use for improving it. 

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Mar 19, 2019

In this episode I take the time to answer student questions about the IELTS exam.  These are a few very specific questions that some of my current students in my IELTS Writing and Speaking Video Course have been asking me.  I thought this would be a really great way to help all my other listening students as well...

Mar 12, 2019

In this weeks episode I answer a listener question about How to Speak English perfectly.  I talk about why it's not important to be absolutely perfect in your speech and what you can do to improve it.  

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Mar 5, 2019

In this episode I review the computer-based exam.  I look at what is the same and what is different, whether you should do it or not, and what the benefits and disadvantages are.

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