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Activate Your IELTS: Be Determined

Welcome to Activate Your IELTS: Be Determined.  This podcast is focused on helping get a 7+ band score on your IELTS writing and speaking skills so that you can get working on your real dreams.

May 14, 2019

I spend quite a lot of time lurking in facebook groups or answering questions on Quora. One thing that I found is that students get really frustrated when they aren't able to get the score they want on IELTS speaking or writing tasks.

Part of this has to do with understanding the difference between social English skills and academic English skills. These are called BICS and CALP.

In this episode, I go into detail abou the differences between BICS and CALP and how they contribute to getting a 7+ band score in IELTS speaking (and writing).

Make sure to tune into this episode and pay special attention to the areas you need to develop if you want to get a good score in IELTS speaking. You have to develop both your academic and your social skills and you need to know exactly. how to do it.

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